VLC app for Windows 8.1 gets one step closer to release, now has audio output


VLC app for Windows 8 gets one step closer to release, now has audio output

VLC has been promising us that the official app for Windows 8 and Windows RT would be coming soon and that progress has been good so far. This app has been in the works for quite some time now and it recently passed Windows 8 certification. Unfortunately, VideoLan was still working on the audio output for the app. Now, some good news has arrived for those who have been patiently waiting.

With just three simple words and a hashtag, VideoLan took it to Twitter to tell the world that they now have audio output in their VLC app for Windows 8. This audio issue was plaguing the app and preventing it from being released.

Back in early September, VLC for Windows 8 passed the Windows App Certification Kit test, which is necessary in order to get your app published to the Windows Store. However, in order for VLC to achieve this, they had to disable audio output. In other words, VideoLan has a VLC app that lets you play a video but with no sound. VideoLan has been working on the audio issue and it seems like they have finally fixed it. 

VideoLan didn’t not offer any details about what’s next in the process of getting this app to the Windows Store, but we’d imagine the app would have to be re-certified and then published. But at least progress has been made and we are one step closer to a release.

We’re not sure if VideoLan plans on releasing two different apps, one for Windows 8 and one for Windows RT, or if they will release one single app that works on both platforms. So stay tuned, we’ll let you know once the app is made available for testing!