Visual Studio v17.5 hits general availability featuring All-In-One Search and more

Kevin Okemwa


Microsoft has shipped Visual Studio 17.5 to general availability for everyone to download. “The release focuses on productive .NET and cloud development by offering new functionalities, as well as reducing build and debug times,” says Microsoft. Here’s everything you need to know about this release:

Visual Studio v17.5 ships with a new feature dubbed All-In-One Search which allows developers to easily locate Visual Studio files, types, and members in code. What’s more, enhancements have also been made to Visual Studio’s ordering and relevancy of results in the code search.

Code search now features a Preview Panel that supports code results for both C# and C++! It should be noted that this release also scraps the results limit cap, however, it doesn’t impact the speed.

Additionally, developers will also have access to Intent-Based Suggestions. The feature will provide devs with in-line suggestions in their editor based on recent changes made, this is because it uses Machine Learning algorithms to understand how you code. This will help enhance the developers’ workflow and help them get a lot more done within a short period.

Intent based suggestion with in line suggestions in editor.

The release also ships with several productivity enhancements for C++ developers such as UE Asset Inspector, Hot Reload support, and more. These are all in place to enhance the development experience of games, cross-platform, as well as embedded apps.

Microsoft has also enhanced the text visualizer with this update by incorporating additional tooling and string manipulation options. With these features, devs can now URL Encode and Decode and Base64 Encode and Decode JWT easily. Besides this, devs will also get to enjoy full theming as the text visualizer window will now resemble the rest of their IDEs.

Be sure to visit Microsoft’s blog for more details and features revolving around this release. You can also download Visual Studio v17.5 to leverage the newly added capabilities.