Visual Studio 2013 RC leaked, 46 days until Windows 8.1 general availability


Visual Studio

For all you app developers out there, you may be running Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2013 Preview. This Preview was released back in June of this year. Today, Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate with Remote Tools was leaked onto the internet, with no word on when we will see the final bits.

Visual Studio 2013 Preview, released alongside Windows 8.1 Preview, introduced us to better application life-cycle management features, built-in support for Git, cloud-based load testing, and unit test failure information display. There was also new changes to the code editor and much more. Wzor, the guy responsible for leaking the RTM bits of Windows 8.1, has leaked the RC build of Visual Studio 2013. The build number is 12.0.20824.1. Of course, we will not be providing any download links.

There is no word on when we will see the final bits of Visual Studio 2013. All we know is that it will be released “later this year.” Rumors are suggesting that we may see it during the general availabity of Windows 8.1. 

Windows 8.1, on the other hand, is set for general availabilty on October 18th. We are nearly 46 days until the general availability and we have seen several leaks of Windows 8.1 RTM. For those of you who are eagerly and patiently waiting for the official rollout, keep your hopes up, we are almost there!