Vinci turns pictures into art with its app for Windows phones

Dennis Bednarz

VK maker, V Kontakte Ltd. has released an app for Windows phones, which allows you to take a picture and add artistic effects to them using neural networks and artificial intelligence.

The app brings many filters and is completely free, unlike apps that require microtransactions for some of the cooler filters. It is not coded for the Universal Windows Platform, so sorry to those who like to take pictures with their webcam using their PC or the Kinect on Xbox.

Some of the effects include Sunny, Delaunay, Mystic, Kandinsky, Pin-Up and more. Some of my personal favourites are Sunny, Prisma and Musson. Three of the mentioned effects can be seen below:

The app itself has a pretty simple UI and doesn’t try to do stuff it isn’t made for. It’s quick, responsive and works pretty great. It does, however, show the Vinci logo watermark on the images, with no option to remove it so far.

As stated above, the app is fully free and can be downloaded on Windows Phone 8.1 and newer from the link below:

Developer: "V Kontakte" Ltd.
Price: Free