Viggle pull apps from Windows and Windows Phone Stores

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Over a year ago, we told you about a new app launching on the Windows platform called Viggle. Viggle is a service that offers reward points for watching TV or listening to music. Those reward points can then be used in the Viggle Store to “access millions of rewards”. Unfortunately, following Sept 17, the Viggle Windows and Windows Phone apps will be no more according to a tipster from Windows Central.
In its announcement on the issue, Viggle does remind its customers that reward points can still be redeemed on via its website, iOS or Android apps. Some may think the company a little brazen to mention competitor platforms in this context, but they have to let all of its customers know where to go. Hopefully, all of its Windows users will visit its website rather than alternative platforms.
It’s disappointing for Windows users especially when you consider how many other companies have also dropped apps for the platform. This past March, users were upset when Bank of America shut down it’s Windows Phone app and just this week, Amazon pulled its Comic app called Comixology to concentrate on a better web experience.
The lack of apps in the Windows Store is an area that Microsoft hopes will improve with the universal app model offered on Windows 10. It allows developers to write an app once and have that app run on multiple devices; the intent is to cut down development time and cost.
We can only speculate as to why Viggle decided to end support for its apps on the Windows platform. Typically a removal like this is usually because demand for the app is little on a platform and doesn’t justify the ongoing support costs for developers. Perhaps as more and more people download and use Windows 10, another company will take the opportunity to deliver an app that offers a similar service. There are still a couple of days left to use the app, and you can still grab it from the Windows Store.

Developer: Viggle Inc.
Price: Free