Video: Notable changes in the latest Windows 8.1 leak (build 9477)

Zac Bowden

Windows 8.1 Start Screen

It’s the standard now. We make a video with every new Windows leak, whether it be big changes or small changes, we still make note with a handy video. Today, build 9477 leaked onto the internet and we went hands on to find nothing interesting. Build 9477 is very similar to 9471, the only notable differences include a new Mail app colour and Help and Tips icon changes.

As noted in the video, build 9477 was leaked in Chinese meaning we had a pretty difficult time navigating the operating system, luckily we could use our memory and navigate just by remembering where everything is. We found new Start Screen backgrounds too, and as with the end of every Windows development cycle, we saw the removal of the Betta fish Background Pattern. Sad times.

Check out the video below for our quick analysis of this recent leak. We do not recommend you download this pre-release material for obvious reasons, we don’t want your PC to be eaten by pre-release software.