Video: A closer look at the new Windows 10 for phones build 10051

Zac Bowden

Windows 10 for phones

Yesterday, Microsoft launched a new Windows 10 for phones preview build which introduced a ton of new changes and features. As per all new builds leaked or released officially, we’ve placed our hands all over them to give you a good look at what’s new and what’s changed.

Our video demo is brought to you to day by the Lumia 635 (with special guest appearance from a 435) which gives you an idea of how Windows 10 for phones runs on low-end hardware. First impressions aren’t great, right now Windows 10 for phones is very buggy and slow on our hardware.

The video goes over all the new apps including Spartan, Outlook Mail and Calendar, Messaging and People. We also show you some UI changes and new features which you can expect to use when you download and install this build.

Give the video a play above and let us know what you like and dislike in this new build of Windows 10 for phones.