Vertical tabs start rolling out to Edge Insiders in the Dev channel

Rabia Noureen

Enable Microsoft Edge Dev Vertical Tabs

Last week, we reported that Microsoft has started testing a new vertical tabs feature to select Insiders on the Canary channel. The feature is now rolling out to a subset of Dev Channel Insiders, and it requires Microsoft Edge Dev Build 86.0.594.1 or higher. It is a part of the controlled roll-out strategy, which means that Microsoft is gradually enabling this feature for users.

Vertical Tabs Edge

The new vertical tabs feature offers a bunch of benefits. First off, the functionality is ideal for 16:9 laptops and monitors, and it has been designed to perfectly aligns with this new standard. The feature allows users to stack tabs at the side of the browser and makes it easier to see valuable information at the top when browsing. Moreover, the vertical tabs are scrollable, and they provide a convenient way to work with more than a handful of tabs. Finally, it brings the ability to have a look at the tab title no matter how many tabs are active on the users’ screens.

Overall, the new functionality is a welcoming addition to Microsoft Edge, and it’s something that power users need. Since the current implementation is still work in progress, so you may need to wait a couple of weeks more to see it in the Stable version of Edge.