Verizon Lumia Icon now receiving Windows 10 Mobile upgrade

Mark Coppock


We found out yesterday that June 23, 2016, would be the date that many Verizon Lumia Icon owners have been waiting for. Specifically, the official Windows 10 Mobile upgrade would start rolling out, and Icon users would be able to enjoy the same mobile OS as so many other Lumia owners.

Now, as Windows Central is reporting, the update appears to be rolling out for real, brining Lumia Icons in the carrier’s network to Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.107. A subsequent upgrade will then take the devices all the way to the most current build, 10586.420.

Be sure to install the Upgrade Advisor app to get started. Verizon has more information available on their support page. Once you’ve installed the upgrade, Verizon Lumia Icon owners, let us know in the comments what you think of Windows 10 Mobile.

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Upgrade Advisor
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