Verizon launches Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams

Kevin Okemwa

Verizon 5g Ceo

Microsoft recently made an announcement highlighting updates coming to Teams, among them was a new front row meeting layout and a companion device experience that will prompt you to turn on your video when you enter a room.

Now they are introducing a new service where the client’s Verizon Wireless business number will be integrated with Microsoft Teams, which will complement the existing Verizon VoIP for Operator Connect solution for fixed line voice services. Essentially, this will enhance the voice quality as well as policy management to Teams calls made from mobile phones. Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams users will have a wide variety of options through which they can place calls which include the native dialer on their devices, the Microsoft Teams desktop application, or an integrated IP device.

The integration promotes mobile manageability for users as well as unified call control which features converge voicemail, call history, and direct call queues to mobile numbers. Not forgetting the network flexibility, users will now be able to switch between networks and endpoints with ease. Users will also be able to uplift calls from the cellular voice network to VoIP data calls with video and screen sharing.

“We continue to see global demand for unified calling platforms to keep distributed workforces connected,” said Sampath Sowmyanarayan, Chief Revenue Officer, Verizon Business. “Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams answers that customer demand and will make an immediate impact on the collaboration industry. Verizon is helping large enterprise customers adapt and succeed in today’s hybrid work environment by delivering a best-in-class suite of professional services spanning voice, security, and Network as a Service solutions to power the mobile workforce.”

The new service is in place to assist in empowering clients to adapt and subscribe to enterprise policies to mobile numbers with ease. In return, this will help cut down the cost incurred when managing both desktop and mobile phones by unifying calling and collaboration endpoint. At the end of it all, the collaboration is supposed to provide a convenient way for users to consolidate their activities through their mobile devices.

“This collaboration with Verizon allows us to combine the power of cloud, cellular and edge to deliver tightly integrated mobile calling and business collaboration workflows that are reliable, secure, device & network agnostic all while being cost-efficient and simple for the customers to manage a single calling offering,” said Martin Lund, CVP of Azure for Operators.

Currently, the Verizon VoIP for Operator Connect is already available, however, Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams is set to be available later this year.