Verizon FiOS TV app for Xbox One now available for download


Verizon FiOS TV app for Xbox One now available for download

In an official blog post, Microsoft has announced the availability of the official Verizon FiOS TV app for those of you who own an Xbox One entertainment console. With this app – paired with your Xbox Live Gold membership and Verizon FiOS TV/Internet service – you can watch up to 74 live TV channels on your Xbox One.

“Today, our partnership continues to expand with Microsoft as customers who are Xbox Live Gold members and who subscribe to both FiOS TV and Internet service can watch up to 74 live channels through Xbox One using the free FiOS TV app.  No additional hardware is required, and customers can integrate their TV experience with voice and gesture commands through Kinect for Xbox One.

Once you install the app, all you have to do is say, “Xbox go to Verizon FiOS TV.” With this app, for example, you can tap into your Verizon FiOS cable box using HDMI pass through and the TV app for one football game and then snap the Verizon FiOS app to watch another football game at the same time. 

You can also enjoy the same features of the Interactive Media Guide as you would on your set-top box, with TV Guide Listings, Favorite Channels, Search, and more.

To snag the app, head over to the TV tab or App tab on your Xbox dashboard.