Veen Reader is a simplistic Feedly client for Windows 8.1

Hammad Saleem

Veen Reader

There’s no shortage of RSS readers in the Windows Store, but if you’re hunting for a decent yet a simplistic RSS reader for your daily dosage of news, take a look at Veen Reader. Veen Reader gives users the ability to connect their Feedly account with the software, or create a local account to read your feeds.

“A Feedly Client and a local/standalone RSS reader. (You can use it for more than one – Feedly, local or both types of account.),” the app description reads.

Once installed, users can either create a local account or sign in with their Feedly account and import their RSS subscriptions in a form of OPML files. Users can even search for websites using the in-built feature and subscribe to them, categorize the feeds in folders, several themes to choose from and more. In addition, users can share the articles to several sharing websites including Pocket, Facebook, Twitter, Readability, Instapaper and windows sharing.

Here’s a massive list of features the app has to offer to its users:

  • Manage multiple feedly or local accounts.
  • Manage subscriptions/folders: Rename, Delete, Add, Import and Export OPML files (for feedly and local accounts).
  • Subscribe to new feeds with one click, you don’t have to type or copy those long urls, just type the website or topic or url.
  • APP highlights popular items in your list.
  • Alerts when new items are found for keywords you choose.
  • Right click any image to save or share.
  • Start typing anywhere to search feeds, or use settings charm.
  • Choose between 3 Pane or 2 Pane layout.
  • Themes: Light, Modern, Dark.
  • Supports all resolutions and orientations.
  • Share to: Pocket, Facebook, Twitter, Readability, Instapaper, windows sharing.
  • Always start from where you left. When you switch account or close app your state is saved.
  • See list with thumbnails.
  • Sort and filter list
  • Intelligent Live-Tiles.
  • Set default open method for individual subscriptions.

Head over to the Windows Store, and grab the app — it’s available as a free download.