Valve giving out more Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta keys


For those who were not lucky enough to be accepted into the Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta program, now is your chance to get a beta key and be a part of the program. Valve is asking gamers to fill out a quick survey for a chance to receive a beta key.

The current beta program began on November 30th and accommodated around 10,000 beta testers. Unfortunately for those who were not accepted into the beta program, the only tease you can get is from leaked screnshots or videos of gameplay footage.

Now, Valve has announced that they are offering a survey and lucky respondents will receive a beta key. “Today we are opening up our online survey to everyone. The next keys will be sent on the basis of this survey. If you don’t fill it out, you won’t be getting a key,” Valve states. The survey consists of examining your computer’s hardware, while the second part of the survey asks you questions about previous Counter-Strike games. According to Valve, there are no wrong answers to the survey questions and lucky winners will receive their keys by next week.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is due for Windows (via Steam) in early 2012 and will have an updated version of classic maps, as well as some new maps. The game will also have new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leaderboards, new characters, and new weapons.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the survey.