Users are demanding a fix of the Xbox App’s search function

Robert Collins

The Xbox App’s search bar has been drawing some harsh criticism as of late. Nowhere can this be better seen than on the Xbox Series X Reddit, where at least one disgruntled user of the Xbox App has suggested that the community should campaign Microsoft to fix the search bar ASAP. Many users have stated that the app’s search function is the worst they’ve ever experienced.

Case in point: typing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy into the search bar and pressing enter turns up Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two (or at least it did until this issue was manually fixed), while searching Dead Cells will yield Pinball FX3 and Martha is Dead. While this latter example is probably the most egregious one, and generally speaking the app’s search if serviceable, this has been an ongoing problem.

Much of the issue lies in the fact that the Xbox App’s search is designed to search game descriptions, instead of titles. But so far there has been no word on whether Microsoft plans to address the problem.