Use notebooks from multiple accounts with latest OneNote UWP app update

Kit McDonald

OneNote Android

The OneNote UWP app on Windows 10 PC and Mobile is one of the most popular choices when it comes to keeping a quick journal. Today the app received an update to version 17.7668.57682.0 with two features that makes syncing across multiple accounts even easier (via Nokia PU).

Now in the production ring, OneNote users will be able to open even more notebooks no matter what Microsoft account they are attached too.

Clicking on the “Open More Notebooks” button prompts a dialogue box with a list of your available notebooks and checkboxes next to them. Select the books you want to open or add more to with the “Add Account” button. Once you’ve inputted the proper email address or phone number, you’ll have even more notebooks to open together.

Oh, and Microsoft added in an undo button to OneNote which we hope is pretty self-explanatory.

Other than these two features, OneNote is a straightforward app and a quick place to sync your lists, journals, and notes. Queue the update by visiting the Windows Store in the appbox below.