Updated Xbox Music app for Windows Phone adds audio scrubbing, more features planned


Updated Xbox Music app for Windows Phone adds audio scrubbing, more features planned

Microsoft has some huge plans for the Xbox Music app for Windows Phone. The company recently rolled out version 2.5.3884.0 of the app, adding a few new features. Along with this release, Microsoft has highlighted a list of features that the app will soon receive.

“Xbox Music brings you all the music you love in one simple to use app. Play and manage your personal music collection, buy songs from the Xbox Music Store, or stream and download unlimited content with an Xbox Music Pass. It’s the easiest way to get all the music you love right on your phone,” the app description reads.

Based on feedback from consumers, Microsoft has added the following new features to the app:

  • Audio scrubbing is now supported! Slide the track progress indicator in the Now Playing screen to advance to the spot you like.
  • Smoother FFW and REW animations.
  • UI fixes to improve visibility of content.
  • Bug fixed where songs are incorrectly removed from playlists.
  • Fixes for unexpected app exits.

Microsoft is also planning to roll out new features in a future update to the app, based on feedback. Among the features, Microsoft is working on improving the interface along with stability and performance improvements. The company is also working on a transparent and live tile for the app. Here is the complete list of new features Microsoft is currently working on and will make available in a future update to Xbox Music:

  • Continued focus on stability and performance improvements.
  • Initial sync of local and cloud content happens in the background.
  • Usability improvements in Now Playing screen.
  • Support for greater than 100 songs in Now Playing queue.
  • Faster loading of long lists.
  • Swipe gesture to advance songs on Now Playing screen.
  • Transparent Tile support.
  • Live Tile support.
  • Design and layout changes to get you to your content faster.
  • Kid’s Corner support.
  • General UX improvements.