Updated Windows 10 Movie and TV app coming soon

Dennis Bednarz

Microsoft has been regularly releasing new updates for their Windows 10 apps recently, like the dark theme for MSN apps and SMS Relay for Skype Preview. Now, a tweet from Microsoft’s Ellen Kilbourne reveals that the Movies & TV app may also get some love soon.

The tweet doesn’t say much except for the fact that an update has been submitted to the store for certification (yes, Microsoft even makes their own developers wait) and what app will get updated.


This may not seem like anything newsworthy as no details have been revealed, but the build number posted has a very weird format. The latest version of the Movies & TV app is version 3.6.25061 meanwhile the one that was tweeted out and is coming is of version 10.16092.1022. This could either be an error or a big update for the app with lots of new features and a new build number formatting.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that why would an employee tease people with a bugfix update? By following some common logic, there must be some new features or significant changes. (Writer’s note: of course, this is just my own speculation but you never know what may be coming). Let us know in the comments how big a chance you expect the next Movies & TV app update to be.