Upcoming Windows 11 features revealed in new leaks – Stickers, tablet mode improvements, more

Kip Kniskern

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Last week, the Windows Insider blog posted on what’s in store for the new year, and included hints that some features may be available but not enabled in Dev Channel builds, and sure enough, Windows leaker Albacore has unearthed a few gems by digging through the debugger.

First up looks to be a way to apply Stickers to your desktop wallpaper:

Albacore notes that “(s)ystem admins will be able to disable these using a policy called Education\AllowStickers,” and that single monitor and Fit and Fill limitations are “quite strange,” perhaps due to the feature not even being enabled yet, and so still very early.

Albacore’s next revelation involves a new Eco Score coming to Windows 11, a Sustainability page in System Settings, a change in name for Focus Assist, to Focus, and some better visibility for Notification priorities:


And finally, the upcoming reappearance of at least some of the old tablet mode settings:

Don’t expect Microsoft to acknowledge these new features until they’re enabled, or even for them to make the final product at all, but as Albacore has diligently noted, they are in the current Windows 11 Insider build, so there’s a good chance you’ll be hearing more about them soon.