Upcoming Edge features include better web app support and adblock in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Staff Writer

Microsoft Edge logo

Having announced the next big update to Windows 10 dubbed the Anniversary Update, Microsoft took time at one of their Build 2016 sessions to highlight some important features coming soon to the Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows 10. A few of these highlights are:

Extensions — Microsoft took the time to highlight a few key companies developing extensions for a future release. These include AdBlock Plus, a popular ad-blocking extension for web browsing, OneNote, Amazon, Evernote and LastPass.

Alongside these extensions, Microsoft is working to have them integrate into native Windows 10 apps. What this means for users, is that upon downloading any extension users are greeted with a list of apps in the Windows Store that take advantage of that particular extension.

In addition to this news on extensions, Microsoft highlighted their work on Web apps with improvements to the publishing by streamlining the entire processes for developers. This new process allows developers to upload W3C Manifest files and images, for publishing. Another big announcement is the future integration with Xbox running Web apps, W3C gamepad API and navigation/mouse modes.

With many of these features still on the roadmap, we will have to wait until their official release. In the meantime, lets us know in the comments what new features you are most excited about with Microsoft Edge.