Unveiling the mystery: Microsoft employee breaks silence on Windows 12… and quickly retracts

Priya Walia

windows 11 desktop

In a surprising turn of events, a Microsoft employee has sparked speculation about the existence of the highly anticipated “Windows 12” operating system. In a now-deleted series of tweets, the senior program manager flatly refuted the rumors and claimed that “Windows 12 is not a thing.”

The sudden denial has left Microsoft enthusiasts puzzled and curious about the truth behind the elusive next-generation Windows. However, The swift deletion of the tweets has only added to the mystery surrounding the situation. Why would a Microsoft employee openly deny the existence of a product that has been widely talked about? The reasons behind this reversal remain unclear, leaving room for various speculations.

To understand the rampant discussions surrounding Windows 12, we need to delve into the backstory. Developer Rafael Rivera discovered hints of “Windows 12” within VMWare’s ESXI Version 8 software. This finding sent waves of excitement through the tech community, sparking hopes that Microsoft was indeed working on the highly anticipated operating system.

However, caution is advised when interpreting such clues within software, as these references may not necessarily confirm the final name of a product.

The situation becomes even more intriguing when considering the rapid deletion of the tweets denying Windows 12’s existence. Did the Microsoft program manager accidentally let slip information that was meant to be under wraps? Or was it a simple misunderstanding?

As the debate rages on, Microsoft has yet to make an official statement regarding the next iteration of Windows. The company’s return to a three-year development cycle and the recent rumors of “Windows 12” have fueled a whirlwind of excitement among users and fans alike.

Whether or not “Windows 12” is truly in the works remains a mystery that only time will unravel. Until then, technology enthusiasts will eagerly await any official announcements from the tech giant, hoping for a glimpse into the future of Windows.