Unseen strategies: Microsoft discreetly sneaks ads into Copilot for Windows 11

Priya Walia

how Microsoft 365 Copilot works
Microsoft has integrated cleverly designed built-in advertisements into Copilot for Windows 11, the latest release, to monetize its products.


Copilot, the AI known for its helpful suggestions and guidance, has now become a platform for targeted advertising. According to a report by Windows Latest, users searching for specific queries related to comparisons, like “compare Amazon Prime with Netflix,” will be greeted with adverts within the Copilot interface.

This means that while users are seeking information and assistance, they are also served with ads, making it a win-win situation for Microsoft and its advertisers.

These sponsored ads within Copilot are tailored to match users’ search queries. So, if you are exploring the streaming services battle between Amazon Prime and Netflix, you may find yourself face-to-face with Amazon Prime ads, subtly urging you to explore their offerings.

Users may see this as an intrusion into their operating system experience. Some might argue that these advertisements clutter the user interface and are an unwelcome distraction, hindering their search for unbiased information.

As technology continues to evolve, the integration of advertisements into seemingly non-commercial platforms is becoming more prevalent. Companies like Microsoft are constantly seeking innovative ways to generate revenue while balancing user experience. While some embrace these changes, others yearn for the simplicity and purity of an ad-free environment.

Only time will tell whether Microsoft’s gamble with ads in Copilot will pay off or backfire. Ultimately, it falls upon the users to decide whether they are willing to accept the presence of advertisements in the pursuit of a more personalized and tailored experience.