Unofficial Tinder client 6tindr pulled from the Windows Store after just two days


Unofficial Tinder client 6tindr pulled from the Windows Store after just two days

Windows Phone doesn’t have a client for Tinder. This was true, until two days ago when Rudy Huyn made available an unofficial app called ‘6tindr.’ Which as now we speak has been removed from Windows Phone Store due to a complaint from Tinder. 

Tinder is a very popular matchmaking platform which is available on Android and iOS. While we have been expecting a Windows Phone app for a long time, it seems like we are not there yet. 

Rudy Huyn, the developer of ‘6tindr’ and unofficial clients for many other apps, including Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, broke the news on Twitter that his 6tindr application has been brought down from the Windows Phone Store.

“6tindr has been removed from the store, I received a complaint from @Tinder , sorry WP users, tinder doesn’t seem to like you”, he tweeted. 

He then wrote a letter to Tinder asking them to reconsider their decision, as it is for their own good. 

If you want me to remove 6tindr from the Windows Phone Store I will respect your wishes, however I appeal to you that we work together so we can provide your new Windows Phone users – who are clearly passionate about using your service – with an awesome Tinder experience. I request that you please allow me the pleasure of helping you grow the popularity of Tinder within the Windows Phone community. I feel that together we can do great things for Windows Phone users, and I’d love to assist in any way possible to help bring an official Tinder app to Windows Phone.

Just hours before the app was taken off store, it got a pretty major update which improved support for Live Tiles and Toast notifications. We will update the post when we have more development on the story.