This Universal Windows app lets you keep track of upcoming game releases

Vu Anh Nguyen

Every gamer in the modern world knows the pain of keeping up with gaming news site for upcoming releases. As it happens there’s a new Universal Windows App in the Windows Store that aims to scratch that specific itch: Game Calendar (thanks Jason for the tip!)

Game Calendar is a simple app that serves as your one-stop information for upcoming games in all popular platforms. From Xbox One, to Playstation 4, to even last-generation consoles and handheld, the apps has it all. The interface, however, is less like a conventional calendar and more of a chronological list.

game calendar

Pressing on one of the items in the list will take you to another page for even more information about the game than just the release date, including cover, images, related videos, genre, publisher, developer and more. Pressing “More Description” will open up a nice information page for the game, with a look akin to Microsoft’s Reading Mode on Microsoft Edge. The app even contains a functioning, fast video player instead of pushing people to the web browser, a rather nice touch in what looks to be a barebone, independent development effort. Another winning point for the developer: despite the app being free, I did not encounter any ads during usage.

game calendar 2

The app’s most interesting feature however, is the “Remind me” button in a game’s page, and here the app shows it quirks. Pressing the “Remind me” button will take users to Windows’ built-in Calendar app, where you can set a reminder for the game’s release date. Depends on the game however, the button may not be there, despite there clearly being a release date on the main page; the different and plain wrong release dates on these games’ own page may be the source of the problem. Page loading can also be rather intense, which you really have to use the app to understand; smoother loading of content would be greatly welcomed in future updates.

Release Date: June 2014. Hmm..
Release Date: June 2014. Hmm..

Overall, despite a small quirks, the app is a solid effort that should prove valuable to gamers who are Windows users. App development is always an ever-improving process, and as a gamer myself, I look forward to the app’s evolution in the future.

Game Calendar
Game Calendar
Developer: JimmyRespawn
Price: Free