UnfollowSpy app for Windows Phone 8 lets you see who unfollowed you


UnfollowSpy app for Windows Phone 8 lets you see who unfollowed you

Looking for a cool new Windows Phone 8 app to check out? Try UnfollowSpy. The app is free – albeit ad supported – and allows you to easily track the unfollowers of every one of your Twitter accounts. The app was also recently updated to ensure the best app experience possible.

“Losing followers and want to find out who they are? UnfollowSpy can tell you who you, on multiple accounts! After discovering who unfollowed you, you can even unfollow them right from the app! However, if you want to keep track of who follows you as well, UnfollowSpy will tell you too! In addition, UnfollowSpy can tell you who doesn’t follow you back and which users you follow are inactive, so you can unfollow them right away,” the app description reads.

Here are the key features of this app:

  • Smooth, clean, user interface
  • Multiple account support, allowing you to track your followers and unfollowers for all of your Twitter accounts
  • Shows new followers and unfollowers
  • Shows users who don’t follow you back and whom you don’t follow back
  • Shows users whom you follow and who follow you
  • Shows inactive users who haven’t tweeted in the last week, so you can unfollow them!
  • Displays your followers to following ratio, allowing you to see how many followers you have for each person you follow
  • Fast follow and unfollow, allowing you to follow and unfollow users right from the app!
  • Data accessed through Twitter-approved OAuth, making sure your information is secure
  • Ultrafast refresh, designed especially for speed and data management
  • Banner picture support, allowing the app to feel like the actual Twitter client

The app was recently updated to version and features bug fixes, a refresh on startup feature, and the ability to save pictures so they do not have to be re-downloaded. Overall, the app is an excellent tool for all you Twitter fanatics who wish to keep track of those who unfollow you. 

Hit the download link below to snag the app. If you like the app, support the developer!