Two brothers steal 180 brand new Surface devices from Microsoft Building 88, get caught

Jonny Caldwell

Two brothers have been charged with felonies after stealing around $200,000 in Surface laptops from Microsoft’s Building 88, according to a report from KIRO-TV. One of the brothers, Galvin, who was a full-time employee for Microsoft, used his keycard to get in the building while the other, Garcia, followed him inside.

Galvin then preceded to push a cart full of laptops where he was caught on camera wearing a hooded sweatshirt along with a mask. Of course, a mask only works if it stays on, and brother #1 later takes it off to be seen by two additional cameras that capture a clear shot of his face. Not that the mask would have worked, because the police were able to use the keycard information to further verify the identity of the thieves, both of which are being charged with felony theft.

What do you think they could have done with the 180 stolen laptops if they had gotten away? Let us know your thoughts down below.