Twitter for Windows 10 updated with ability to quote and retweet yourself

Jack Wilkinson

Twitter has released an update to its Universal App on Windows 10 devices. The update, as expected, comes without a changelog, however, some changes and improvements have been noticed.

The latest update adds the ability to quote and retweet your own tweets, allowing users to quote things they’ve said in the past or bring older tweets back to the top with a retweet. There also appear to be improvements in the loading speed of the app, followed by some improvements in the stability of loading content, which should lead to there being less black screens or staring at loading icons.

Inside the Moments page, it is now possible to view the Rio 2016 sub-section, which allows users to watch streamed clips live via Twitter.

The update is available now from the Windows Store on Windows 10 devices.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free

It’s good to see Twitter continuing to update its app and add new features, albeit at a slow pace. Notice anything else that’s new in this update? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for the tip Cy Mureithi