[Updated] Twitter PWA for Windows 10 gets a Store update, download it now

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft, Twitter, PWA, Windows 10

There’s a new update for the Twitter PWA in the Microsoft Store. As you may already know, PWA stands for Progressive Web App, and these apps are the new modern application standard. Windows 10 PWAs are web apps that act like native apps.

Update: According to Twitter PWA developer, Charlie Croom, this update enabled two new features— faster image uploads, and screen rotation for older devices.

As noted by an MSPU post, this update is a “Store update and not a backend update,” meaning you have to update the Twitter PWA through the Microsoft Store. A few months ago, Twitter replaced their old UWP app, with a PWA. This latest update to the Twitter PWA is the first time that users have to go directly to the Microsoft Store for an update.