Twitter app update rolls out for Windows 10; includes tabs and multiple instance support

Michael Cottuli


If you use Twitter through the Windows Store app, you’ll be excited to know that the most recent update has added some useful new features. Tab functionality and support for multiple instances are both rolling out to Windows 10 users right now, along with a few other tweaks that users might get a kick out of, if not some tangible improvements to their experience.

The update has mostly addressed the issue of multitasking, tackling just how single-focused the Twitter app can be. With the new update, users can pin new searches or profiles to separate tabs in the app, letting them leave their search and go browse elsewhere for a while, without worrying about losing their place.

Twitter has also added support for multiple instances, which is a massive help for people who need to manage more than one Twitter account at a time. Accompanied by the new feature allowing users to plug tweets into their direct messages, this update brings a whole lot of utility to the table.

If you haven’t gotten this update yet, don’t worry – it’s being rolled out gradually to Windows 10 users right now. It ought to be heading to a desktop near you very soon.