Twitch Prime subscribers can get a free Pirate Pack for Sea of Thieves

Kareem Anderson

In what could be viewed as a bit of irony, Microsoft’s Xbox One exclusive title Sea of Thieves is offering members on a competing streaming service (that is not Mixer) a neat in-game feature pack.

As it turns out, Twitch Prime users can snag some exclusive loot in the open (seas) world game Sea of Thieves monthly, by just being paid members of Twitch Prime.

For the month of November, Twitch Prime members are treated to:

The Celestial Steed Ship Livery Set (comprised of sails, hull, figurehead, and flag), the Competitive Emote Pack (comprised of Feeling Sad, Pay Respects and Let’s Go! emotes) and the Amethyst Soul Capuchin pet.

Furthermore, collecting the new exclusives is as easy as clicking the link in the tweet below for members.

Presumably, the loot and add-ons change monthly, so the exclusive “Primate Pack” maybe something Twitch Prime users may want to cash in on soon, with only five days left in November.