Tweetium picks up an update with Giphy integration, UI changes and more

Hammad Saleem

Tweetium is possibly one of the best apps on Windows when it comes to managing Twitter. It offers users a boatload of features, and best of all, the developer, Brandon Paddock, makes sure the app is up-to-date with new features and bug fixes. This definitely helps in improving the user experience, and making sure the app is free of issues.
Recently, Brandon released an update for Tweetium, bumping it to version 4.0.4, and bringing a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes, including Giphy integration, Twitter videos and GIFs auto-play in the timeline.
Here’s the complete change log for the latest update:

  • The Twitter overlords have decreed that Favorites are no longer their favorite, but they heart Likes. — I hope you like them too! (because Twitter is quite insistent that we adopt them!)
  • Giphy integration! Just type /giphy followed by some words into your tweet. /giphy happy dance
  • Twitter videos and GIFs now auto-play (muted) in the timeline when on WiFi or a wired connection. — A new options lets you disable this, or restrict it to only GIFs.
  • Fix some bugs where embedded Twitter media would not show in expanded tweets if other media (e.g. YouTube links) were included.
  • Tweets no longer include previews for external image services (e.g. Instagram) if Twitter images are also present. — Most of the time they are different copies of the same image, and the Twitter ones look and work better.
  • Added a “clear attachments” entry to the media upload menu for your easy-attachment-clearing pleasure.
  • Fixed a case where your friends would get shy and stop showing up in the @ suggestions list temporarily.
  • Fixed keyboarding in the user account flyout.
  • Finally tracked down the elusive bug where the hover / quick action buttons would occasionally open the tweet instead of taking effect. Hurray!
  • The trial mode notice was not playing nice with other parts of the UI. It has been sternly disciplined.

Head over to the Windows Store using the link below and grab the updated Tweetium app to manage all your Twitter needs.