Turns out "Selawik" is a font – an open source variant of Segoe

Kip Kniskern

Turns out "Selawik" is a font - an open source variant of Segoe

Last week the folks over at GeekWire uncovered a trademark registration for something called “Selawik”, and while the trademark description, for “use in displaying and printing digital typeface designs” was a pretty big hint, it was unclear what the new name was for.

Fast forward to today, and it turns out that “Selawik” is a new font, specifically, an open-source “fallback to Segoe UI” that is now available on GitHub. Segoe UI and its variants, of course, are the proprietary fonts used extensively in Microsoft products, up to and including the current Microsoft logo typography.

Microsoft has been on a bit of an open-source binge lately, and even appears open to the possibility of open sourcing Windows. While GeekWire admits that it might be a stretch to connect those dots, it’s still an intriguing question: why release an open source version of Segoe UI, and why now?

For now, you can install Selawik from GitHub in the download link below, and stay tuned to WinBeta for all the latest Windows 10 news, open-source or not!