Try out these tips from Respawn with Titanfall 2

Michael Cottuli

Titanfall 2 on Xbox One

Titanfall 2 is finally here, and Xbox fans have got to be happy about it. The original Titanfall was supposed to be the first heavy hitter exclusive for the Xbox One, and while it was lauded as one of the coolest first person shooters to come out for a while, it inevitably ran out of steam. Throwing players into a world full of narrative possibilities yet neglecting to have a true single player campaign was a mistake, and ended up taking the last bit of oomph that the game needed to really flourish.

The sequel to Titanfall has arrived with the intention of cleaning up the mistakes of its predecessor and enhancing its strengths. To help you out as you explore the latest addition to the franchise, the folks at Respawn Entertainment have put out a few tips to help both newcomers to the series and veteran pilots get used to the new mechanics.

These include a suggestion to check out Networks, stealing enemy Titans’ batteries, firing from the hip, and more. Check them out and check out the launch trailer if you haven’t already:

Titanfall 2 has received an amazing reception from critics, getting a 9.5 from Game Informer and a 9.0 from IGN. A lot of the priase so far has been directed at the single player campaign, which should come as a surprise to the legions of people who were predicting that the campaign would be just tacked-on. Are you planning to give Titanfall 2 a go? Let us know in the comments below!