Tool that can side load Android apps onto Windows 10 Mobile leaks

Zac Bowden

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft announced earlier this year that they had come up with a way to bridge Android and iOS apps over to Windows Phone, and it appears the tool which enables side loading of Android apps onto Windows 10 Mobile has leaked publicly.

The tool pretty much makes it possible to run Android apps natively (actually, it emulates it) on your Windows 10 Mobile device, if it doesn’t require the Google play store that is. Apps like Twitter and Periscope should work fine, whereas Snapchat won’t work as it pings the Google Play Store. You can still side load the app however, just you won’t be able to use it.

Developer mode is required for side loading, and considering the tools have leaked we don’t recommend you try this out. Stealing APKs and using the tool to sideload paid apps can be considered piracy, so we won’t be linking to any of these tools.

The tools have been given to a private group of top developers who already have popular apps on Android, Microsoft is hoping they’ll port their apps over to Windows 10 Mobile, but since the tools have now leaked, anyone can port anything over with just a few clicks.

Thanks for the tip, FaiKee