Tom Clancy’s The Division open beta now available to download on Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

The open beta for the highly anticipated upcoming Xbox One title, Tom Clancy’s The Division, will launch in a few hours and those gamers who are interested in experiencing the video game before its full public launch on March 8th 2016 can pre-download this beta version and play it from February 18th (10am CET | 4am EST | 1am PST) to the 22nd (1pm CET | 7am EST | 4am PST).

Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of the bigger titles to launch this year on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console and has been promoted quite heavily since its reveal during 2013’s E3 conference.

This will be the third pre-release sample of the game for Xbox One owners who were also given a special “alpha” trial in December 2015 and a closed beta on January 28th 2016.

Here’s the official description of today’s open beta:

Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta is your chance to test and experience a pre-release version of the game. Plus, it serves as an important opportunity for us to make sure the game is balanced and the servers are tested to pave the way for a smooth launch. The beta will not be a full version of the game, does not represent the final quality of the game and will only function during specific time frames.

Gamers who have already decided that they’ll buy the full game once it’s released in March 2016 can digitally pre-order Tom Clancy’s The Division in both a regular barebones version and a special Gold Edition which comes with the game and several extras such as the Hazmat Pack and National Guard Pack.

The Xbox One’s library continues to grow with new video games and apps launching on the platform on an almost daily basis. Newer titles such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and the upcoming Killer Instinct Season Three and Quantum Break are also launching on Windows 10 which will give the games and even larger audience.

Download Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta on Xbox One