Todoist brings their preview for Windows 10 to Windows Phones

Arif Bacchus

Are you a Windows 10 mobile owner who is looking to accomplish goals and cross things off that to-do list? If so, we have got the app for you.

The developers of the Todoist app have announced that they’re now releasing a mobile-optimized version of Todoist Preview for Windows 10. This announcement means that Windows 10 mobile users will now be able to enjoy the apps organizational features, be it managing files, group collaboration, or just managing daily tasks.

Since the release of the Todoist Preview, the developer has been busy reading user feedback and improving on the app. Thanks to that, the task add experience of the app now works better on touch screen devices, and the Live tile for the app shows not just task count, but also upcoming tasks. Jump lists, multi task select, and drag and drop also see improvements because of your user feedback.

The developer is even reaching out to fellow Windows developers to take the app to the next level, so you can check out their job listings, and let them know why you want to be part of their team. However, if developing apps is not your thing, you can still download the app below. Just be warned, the Windows 10 Mobile version is rolling out, so you might at first get a message that says “not compatible with your device.”  If this is the case, you can try the download again in a few hours.

Todoist Preview
Todoist Preview
Developer: Doist Inc.
Price: Free