Titanfall 2’s Monarch’s Reign DLC drops, delivers new titan, map and more

Jack Wilkinson

Titanfall 2 on Xbox One

Respawn Entertainment, the development studio behind the hit first-person-shooter franchise Titanfall, is continuing to release free content updates for Titanfall 2. This time around, the game is receiving Monarch’s Reign. With this update, players will be able to embrace a new titan, as well as battle it out on a new map.

Relic, the new map, is a recreated map from the original Titanfall instalment, according to Respawn, there are plenty of “clever” wall running areas within this map.

Monarch is the 7th titan to be added to the game. This titan brings a new element of gameplay to the battlefield with its Upgrade Core ability, allowing it to upgrade combat abilities while out fighting, depending on options chosen by the player. Additionally, shields can be recharged by ripping energy from enemy titans, in addition to helping out friendly titans.

Several new cosmetic items are now also available:

The Monarch’s Reign DLC pack also brings new cosmetic items for purchase, including the debut of Ronin Prime and Tone Prime. Ronin Prime charges the field with a samurai-inspired aesthetic including a visual-upgrade for his sword so he may more stylishly pierce the heavens (and enemy Titans). As the cherry blossoms fall across the battlefield, don’t forget to check out the Monarch’s Reign Camo Pack, inspired by World War 2 “dazzle camouflage” with broad patterns and striking colors to keep your opponent guessing. New Art Packs are now available for each Titan, as well as a new Callsign Pack.

Monarch’s Reign is a free DLC pack and is avaiable as an update to the game now, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin for PC.