Tired of annoying web notifications? Edge version 84 has a new quiet notifications feature to help you avoid distractions

Arif Bacchus

Sometimes when you’re surfing the web in Microsoft Edge, you might get a barrage of requests for notifications from certain websites. This can interrupt your workflow, and distract you.

Microsoft has heard those frustrations. The company on July 23 detailed the quiet notification requests feature in Microsoft Edge version 84, designed to keep you focused on your current task when web browsing.

As the name of the feature suggests, in Edge 84 and higher, all website notifications made with Notifications or Push APIs will appear as a bell with “Notifications blocked” in the address bar. Configured and turned on by default, this will reduce notification requests, and help you avoid the full flyout notification prompts in Edge.

Of course, you still have full-control though, and if you want to subscribe to notifications, you can click the “Notification blocked” bell icon, and then accept the request. Users can also configure settings for the feature via edge://settings/content/notifications, too.

Microsoft is aware that some users might want the full flyout prompts, and is actively exploring turning on the full prompt where data suggests users find a given site’s notification request valuable. The company urges users to stay tuned for more updates.