Yandex app for Windows 10 Mobile gets major update

Arif Bacchus

The Russian search engine Yandex has always been known as a great way to get answers in Russia, using a variety of means including their Windows Phone app. In fact, the Yandex app is bound to the “search” button in Russian smartphones, and is the default search engine for Windows 10 in Russia. Today, the app is seeing an update which fixes several issues and also gives the app an overhaul to fit better with Windows 10 Mobile.

Thanks to a tip (thanks, Denis!), we can report that the app now has a new application home page, where you can immediately see the most important information. The main page is also now divided into latest news (categorized); weather forecast; traffic information and TV programs. Additionally, we also can report that tools for reading QR codes, and improved voice search have also been added to the app because of the update.

The update appears to be rolling out slowly to devices, so if you get a message which says, “not available,” do not be alarmed. The application is available for free on Windows 10 Mobile and can be reached at the link below.

Developer: Yandex
Price: Free