Rebuild the city of Quahog in Family Guy The Quest for Stuff for Windows 8.1

Dave W. Shanahan

TinyCo releases Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff for Windows 8.1

Originally released for iOS and Android on April 10th, TinyCo’s Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff has finally made it to the Windows Store. It is good to see more and more developers releasing more games to Windows that were previously only released to iOS and Android. 

The object of The Quest for Stuff is that a giant chicken picks a fight with Peter Griffin and the town of Quahog is left in ruins, Peter Griffin needs to rebuild Quahog, but he needs help. So you have to get all your favorite Family Guy characters to pitch in and help rebuild and ultimately save Quahog from complete ruin. Here’s fun teaser for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff:

There are a good deal of features in this free app; you can unlock fun and interesting costumes for your characters like Mermaid Peter and Rambo Lois. You can also add Peter-themed decorations to Quahog like the Hindenpeter and the Peterdactyl. All the while, you send your characters on quests to keep Quahog safe from pirates, evil chicken, and other attacks. Other options include unlocking quirky and classic animation moments from the show.  Overall, it is a great game for fans of Family Guy. Download it through the link below.