Tinder app ‘6tin’ for Windows 10 gets improved chat experience and more

Brad Stephenson


The third-party Tinder app, 6tin, has just updated to version 3.3 on Windows and has added  some much-improved chat features.

With this update, there will no longer be any loading when users send messages and they will now have the ability to retry sending failed communications. This update also adds notifications for failed messages that didn’t send properly in places such as the Action Center.

Previous 6tin updates brought the app to versions 3.2 and 3.1 and added larger emoticons in chats where no text was used, the ability to upload profile photos from the phone directly, message liking, and gif functionality. The move to 3.0 finally converted the app to the new Universal Windows Platform app format which gave it an adaptive design, interactive toasts, support for continuum, a dark theme, and roaming accounts between devices.

6tin is frequently updated on Windows phone, which is a good thing as the Windows phone ecosystem still lacks an official Tinder app. 6tin uses the same network as Tinder, which itself connects to Facebook. This allows for 6tin users to seamlessly communicate with Tinder users on other devices.

The 6tin/Tinder service is mostly known as a dating app but it is also commonly used to just connect with new people who are nearby. Users can browse others who are in a selected radius and swipe right on their photo if they’re interested or swipe left if they’re not. Communication between two users is only opened when both parties have swiped right. On official Tinder apps, once someone swipes left on a photo, it’s impossible to see them again but third-party apps like 6tin have added in options to undo left-swipes which is one of the reasons they have become so popular.

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