Threads web app launched: Instagram DMs unavailable, foldables support not in sight

Devesh Beri

According to Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram via Threads, the web version of the Threads platform is now being rolled out by Meta-owned Instagram. This new development is meant to give users access to Threads features via desktop computers.


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Users of the Threads web version can post content, view their feeds, and interact with posts similar to the mobile version. However, features like editing profiles or sending threads to Instagram DMs are unavailable on the desktop version.

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Mosseri recently posted that Instagram and Threads do not support foldable devices. Additionally, he stated that desktop web support will be implemented much earlier than foldable device support, which is here finally.

It seems that the web version is not available to all users yet. While users can browse the Threads feed, the home page ( still displays a QR code to download the iOS and Android apps.

We can see why the Threads web app is out and is on priority compared to foldables, as the initial success of Threads quickly reached a large user base after its launch but subsequently experienced a decline in user engagement. Reports of the app’s decline are considered premature, as the app is still being developed and refined. Threads’ connection to decentralized social media, like Mastodon, is an interesting aspect that might shape its future direction.

via TechCrunch