This Xbox Series X espresso machine doesn’t exist but it should

Brad Stephenson

The Fakes Forge Twitter account recently tweeted a genuinely cool manipulated image (see above) showing an espresso machine that’s designed to look like Microsoft’s recently released Xbox Series X console.

The original image was simply a basic stock photo that’s been heavily used on a variety of different news websites but the addition of the espresso machine functionality and the two cups works so well that it’s gained a bit of traction online with many social media users claiming that they would buy one if Microsoft ever made it available. I know I would.

Another Twitter user animated the still photo to show just how well an Xbox Series X espresso machine would work in reality. Microsoft, make it happen.

The manipulated photo was part of a collection showcasing Xbox branding in a variety of kitchen appliances such as a washing machine and oven. You can check them out below.

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