This Japanese developer is doing amazing stuff in HoloLens with “HoleLenz Gate”

Kit McDonald

With more developer interest in mixed reality, Microsoft HoloLens has become a target of some substantially unique applications. One in particular stands out with windows to other environments, real or fictional. With the HoloLenz Gate application developed by VoxCellDesign, users can almost literally step through a portal to a different dimension.

The 3DCG company located in Kanagawa, Japan specializes in creating digital content for commercial use. Even though it was established in 2003, VoxCellDesign didn’t really get into the VR field until 2010 when the concept came to early fruition.

In the latest coverage of the HoloLenz Gate’s capabilities, VoxCellDesign have shown  off their ability to step from one room to a digital one. In fact, their latest tweet shows the developers toying with the ability to slow space and time in the virtual room where digital objects will slow down once entering the portal. “Both sides of the portal look pretty real,” VR coder Robert McGregor expressed in awe.

Users are able to make small or big portals as they desire and even create skylights in their augmented workspace that will give them the ambiance they desire. Perhaps one of the more interesting moments for HoloLenz Gate, however, is the ability to step right through to the famous Mt. Fuji peak overlooking Japan.

The HoloLenz Gate application is a beautiful advancement for the digital era. According to Rocket News, the application will be available today on the Microsoft Store for approximately 500 yen. So if you’re lucky enough to have a HoloLens, now might be the time to take a trip to Mt. Fuji for the first or third time.