This guy is building his own Halo Warthog with some help from 3D printing

Kit McDonald

Have you ever wished that you could just steal the Warthog from Halo 3 and drive it around? One fan named Bryant Havercamp did just that!

As reported by, the off-road vehicle actually took its creator nearly seven years to get to this point. Inspired by the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle from Halo 3, also called a Warthog, Havercamp is finally sharing on Reddit the culmination of all that hard work.

Halo 3 Warthog

The truck originally began as a 1984 Chevy k10. Havercamp broke it down and rebuilt the vehicle back up including plenty of 3D printed accessories. Here are the details:

  • 1984 Chevy k10 that has been completely stripped down and frame has been chopped. Engine and trans isnt even from that truck though.
  • 350 Chevy 4 bolt gen 1 v8 block with stock cam from an 84 Chevy truck with L31 vortec heads with highflow aftermarket intake and 600cfm quickfuel carb
  • Th400 hydramatic 3 speed trans with 4.56 gearing in the diff
  • 4 link suspension in back and 3 link with panhard bar in front, with airbags
  • Bodywork is all 100 percent custom made
  • Soon to be 4 wheel steering via hydraulic cylinders and a custom rear axle
  • Has long tube heads and truck has a LOT of various fabrication, too much to even list

Warhog Halo 3

Impressively, the creator is said to have ‘little real world mechanical experience’ with years of learning and tinkering to make the dream vehicle a reality. It’s not the first time that the Warthog was recreated though, the 343 Industries version a bit less rough around the edges with (probably) a higher budget.

According to a post from his friend on Reddit, the Warthog will be street legal next week. So if you see a military vehicle from Halo 3 ramping down the street, you’ll know what to watch out for. Of course, depending on who you ask, it looks kind of more like a ‘Puma’ and lacks a certain musical charm. Yes, that was a Red vs Blue reference.

Check out literally a hundred more pictures of the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle’s development over on Imgur.