These are the new features in Windows Phone 8.1


These are the new features in Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is finally here. At least for developers. Though, people who aren’t much into coding can have it too. The new update brings literally tons of new features to the Windows Phone operating system. While there are many new enticing features, Microsoft has also improved several of its existing features to make the operating system better.

Here’s a complete list of the new things you will find in the latest update to Microsoft’s phone operating system.

  • Cortana: Easily one of the most anticipated features for the latest operating system, Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant service. Microsoft calls it the world’s first “true” digital assistant app. And it isn’t lying. From setting reminders, to opening and performing actions on apps, Cortana has you well covered.
  • Three Column Tiles and Background wallpaper: Live Tiles is one of the best things about Windows Phone. With the new update, Microsoft has made it even better. Now you can have three columns if you like, and set a background image, if you want to make it more attractive. This feature will work fine even on smaller screens, like the kind on the Lumia 520s.
  • Action and Notification center: Live tiles and toast notifications are great, but they are not as useful as a notification center. With Windows Phone 8.1, users will be able to check for the notifications simply by swiping down. In addition, there is an Action Center right above the Notification Center which makes it easy to turn on/off WiFi and Bluetooth, and manage app rotation.
  • Work Flow and Sharp Writing: Windows Phone has finally introduced a Swype like keyboard, which not only makes it easier to type, as you no longer need to type everything, but it makes it easy to choose between the suggested words and have better access, making the writing experience so much better.
  • Internet Explorer 11 : The new version of Internet Explorer is here. It supports HTML5 videos and provides several little features that make the browsing experience enjoyable. While visiting any page, if it is an article, you will see a book icon inside the address bar, by pressing on it, you get a clean, advertisement-free environment for reading things. Also, you can now sync your bookmarks and settings across your PC and mobile browser.
  • VPN: Originally launched with Windows Mobile, for some reason Microsoft pulled it off later. Now, we have the Virtual Private Network option again!
  • Podcast and Video app: Microsoft has made separate apps for podcasts and videos. Which seems like a very good idea.
  • The cellular network and WiFi symbols now look better at the top of the screen.
  • There is a Project my Screen option available under the settings which allows you to stream your phone activities on big screens via WiFi or data cable.
  • Mouse and keyboard support has been added, along with Miracast support.
  • As is the support for NFC and Virtual SmartCard.
  • There is one option called Quiet Hour, which will make your phone completely silent, however, you can have a few people buzz you.
  • Sense App: There are a couple of sense apps like Storage check, Storage sense and Data sense. Storage apps will let you know where (SDcard or phone memory) your apps are being installed. There is also an option to check the health of your SD card as well.​
  • Apps now have the option to update automatically

Did you get the update? How do you like it?