There’s an update to the Windows 10 Hulu app, but it won’t even load for some

Laurent Giret


If you’re a Hulu subscriber, you should probably avoid downloading the latest update to the Hulu app on Windows 10 devices as the latest version 2.3.16 may crash on launch according to a new report from Windows Central. We tested the updated app on our own devices and we confirm that it wouldn’t even open on a Windows 10 PC.

According to the comments on Windows Central, the updated app may work for some of you though both Window Insiders and Windows 10 users on regular builds seem to be affected by the issue. Hulu has yet to acknowledge a problem with the latest version of its Windows 10 universal app which received a nice Cortana integration just two months ago.

While it’s always annoying when developers release buggy updates to their apps, we remind you that the Windows 10 Store allow users to disable automatic app updates to avoid any problems with your apps. If you already downloaded the updated Hulu, please share your experience with us in the comments.