There’s another Windows 10 update coming this year after the Creators Update, says Microsoft

Arif Bacchus

As you likely know by now, Microsoft is planning to release the Creators Update for Windows 10 in the next few months, possibly around April of this year. So, while the Redmond giant recently announced that the Creators Update SDK is feature complete, some have still started to wonder when the next featured update for Windows 10 will be released. Recently at Ignite Australia, Microsoft made things somewhat more official and mentioned that they have plans for the release a second featured Windows 10 update after the Creators Update.


While Microsoft did not directly give a timeline for the release of the next featured update for Windows 10, mentions of it can be seen above in the above video at around the 23-minute mark. In the video, Microsoft discusses the Windows 10 release lifecycle, specifically mentioning that “plus the two [releases] that we intend in shipping in 2017.”

Windows 10 Releases
Windows 10 Releases

Though the comments come off as new for some, this is not the first time that Microsoft has mentioned a second 2017 Update for Windows 10. After the Anniversary Update was originally released in August, Microsoft published a blog post which mentioned that “Based on feedback from organizations moving to Windows 10, this will be our last feature update for 2016, with two additional feature updates expected in 2017.”

It’s also still not clear what the Redmond giant has in store for the next featured Update for Windows 10, but it is likely that we might see the People Bar (which Dona Sarkar mentioned would be delayed) and the Project Neon design language. As always, time will tell what happens, and given the April release for the Creators Update, it’s best to keep tuned for more information.