There are more than 1,000 games under development from ID@Xbox, new ones to be shown at GDC 2017

Jack Wilkinson

GDC 2017 is nearly here and from it we can expect to hear quite a bit about Microsoft’s Xbox division. One particular area that we’ll hear about is ID@Xbox, Microsoft’s indie game development arm that aims to support indie developers wanting to publish their games to the Xbox and Windows 10 platforms.

Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox, has said that there are “more than 1,000” ID@Xbox games currently in development:

Additionally, it appears that there are several games we’re not yet aware of, as Charla states that he is “excited to show off some new ones at GDC.”

Are there any ID@Xbox games you’re aware of but wanting to hear more about? What type of ID@Xbox game are you hoping for most? Let us know in the comments!