The Xbox April Update is coming soon with a new search experience and more

Robert Collins

The monthly Xbox Update is coming right around the corner. While we don’t have a specific release date for the Xbox April update, we do know what it will bring some exciting changes. Read on to learn more.

Xbox search gets a refresh

The Xbox console search page is getting a refresh including a new look with gallery-style results and filter categories that can be navigated with the Xbox controller’s shoulder buttons. Search will soon be available with a simple press of the Y button. Users will also be able to search YouTube specifically inside the Movies & TV app.

Adjust active hours with the Sleep power option

When you have the Sleep power option selected you’ll be able to set custom active hours. What this does is have your Xbox ready to wake at the hours you choose—i.e., the time that you are most likely to use your Xbox console. The Xbox will be in shutdown at the other times, which again you will be able to set to your own choosing.

Join the Xbox Insider Hub

For those interested, anyone can join the Xbox Insiders Program. With it, you’ll be able to preview and help test the newest Xbox OS features before they become available to the public.