The Visual Studio Code logo is getting a face lift

Michael Cottuli


Eagle-eyed users on the Visual Studio Code GitHub page may have noticed a post recently from Microsoft’s Chris Dias, explaining a new look for the program’s icon. It’s gotten a complete overhaul – its “infinity” logo being being tossed for a more contemporary look.

We feel that the icon denotes “openness”. It conveys that VS Code is (in a good way) a subset of our big brother, the Visual Studio IDE. And, if you look hard enough, you’ll find a small tribute to a great mind.

The change is a pretty significant move from the minimalist look of the current one, and – in my opinion – looks a lot better. It maintains the spirit of that “infinity” design, but frames it a little bit better. Developers who frequent Visual Studio Code now have something marginally more interesting to look at, before they get to work.